Running Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview build 10080 on Lumia 930

With the latest insider preview build of Windows 10 for Phones — now named Windows 10 Mobile — released you can now install it on your flagship phones like the Lumia 930 that I’m using. So that’s what I did. I hopped on the fast-ring and let the update process do its job.

When I returned to the phone (downloading and installing can take some time) — I was greeted with a loading screen. Turned out to be an eternal loading screen. It kept on loading and my phone started to heat up. I plugged it out of the charger and turned it off. I turned it back on again after a while and the loading screen still greeted me and it kept on loading. I found out I could however access the notification center, Cortana and even use the task switcher. The loading screen was in fact the start screen not being able to load. I thought I would have to use the recovery tool.

Then I tried resetting my phone from Settings > System > About > reset phone. After a reset the start screen appeared. With huge tiles. I then read some tips on tweeterspacespherenet about this particular issue and resolved it by going into Settings > Personalization > Start and enable “Show more tiles”. The tiles would be smaller, but there’s still some issues with the icon size to tile size ratio, but I can live with that for now.

Another issue you might run into is that backspace does not do anything. By adding another keyboard from Settings > Time & language > Keyboard this started to work as well. I might also add that I like the way you switch between languages now. Swiping on the space key? Nice gesture.

To sum it up or TL;DR:

Start screen not showing? Getting an infinite loading screen?

Reset your phone from Settings > System > About > reset phone

Huge tiles on your start screen?

Go to Settings > Personalization > Start and turn on “Show more tiles

Backspace not working?

Go to Settings > Time & language > Keyboard and add another keyboard language

One more thing; have you noticed a mouse cursor in the top-left corner when you tap on the back, home or search button on your phone? Try pairing a bluetooth mouse. You can now use your mouse to click on stuff on your phone. The scrolling does not work though:


Using your video footage from Lumia 930 running DP in Adobe Premiere

In the last couple of weeks I have spent many hours filming and editing footage that I have taken with my Nokia Lumia 930 and Lumia 1020. One problem I have encountered with the Lumia 930 is that Adobe Premiere CC won’t import the footage. “This file has no audio or video streams” will popup in the moment you try to import or use any of the videos. Up until recently I had to use the Video Tuner app to export the videos again just so it could be in a format that Adobe Premiere would accept. As I found out the hard way, there really is no good free video converter tool out there that could handle the 930s videos.


A couple of days ago I tried again with some new footage and then I thought; “What the heck, I’ll just rename the extension to m2ts and see if it works”. To my surprise it actually did work. When I changed the filename from .mp4 to .m2ts it worked like a charm. Adobe Premiere imported it without no hassle.

I have yet to discover why this is ‘nor have I spent time researching it either.

So if you’re in the same spot as I was in, then try renaming the file to .m2ts and see if it works. I have to point out that my Lumia 930 is running the Cyan firmware and is also Developer Preview enabled running the latest Update 1. It might be some issues with that. I don’t know.

Got any tips or clues? Post them below!

Lumia 930 vs Lumia 1020 – Amateur Camera Showdown

The Lumia 930 has now been selling for some days and being so lucky I have both the Lumia 1020 and the 930 in my posession and I thought of doing an amateur camera showdown. A caution is to be made: I am in no way a photographer and the only setting I have adjusted on the phone is the focus points at some point, otherwise it has all been set to auto and recorded using Nokia Camera on both phones.

The difference between the Lumia 1020 and the Lumia 930 at this point is the Lumia Cyan firmware on the 930. They are both running the same version of the underlying operating system: Windows Phone 8.1 (8.10.12397.895).

Head past the break to see the initial results!

Lumia 930 – The “easy fix” for purple displays

After WMPoweruser posted their article about the Lumia 930s purple display issues going on record to say that there’s an easy fix to remedy the purple issue a lot of other tech sites has begun reporting the same fix. A lot of those sites are using the images I provided in the Lumia 930 – Purple Tint post as well. I don’t want everyone to think that this tint adjustment fix is going to fix your display as it still seems that for most users the purple is still present, but in a less noticeable way.

In the updated version of the Purple Tint post I go on to say that some users have experienced having the purple tint more visible in different parts of the screen (bottom, top, left or right). I have also noticed on my 930 device that when adjusting the tint to all Green I can see some of that green coming through in the gray areas. I have also noticed that on my device even when tinted all the way to Green the purple is still visible in the bottom half of my screen like many other users are reporting.

When taking all of these into account it might seem that it’s a hardware issue. Some users have already replaced their 930 with new devices and reports that the display is now fine. Microsoft and Nokia might release a software update in the near coming weeks to try to balance out the purple tint, but it might boil down to the physical hardware itself.

I reported these issue to Nokia Care when I wrote the other post and after some days I got sent a PDF that guarantees me a new replacement device when I hand in my current one, as it’s now marked as DOA (Dead On Arrival) / DAP (Dead After Purchase) with display errors stated as the reason.

I have yet to replace my current device as I am waiting to see what Microsoft and Nokia can figure out and allow the stores to stock up with new devices.

If you want to read more about what the purple tint issue is, head on over to my original post here

Spotted: Lumia 930 ad in Norway

Now that Nokias new flagship phone; the Lumia 930 is out it’s nice to see that Microsoft and Nokia has started marketing the phone here in Norway (by the way this Nokia/Microsoft business is confusing). Before I saw the ad today I had yet to see any special marketing for any of the other phones previously released. There might have been some advertisements earlier, but this time they have made sure that everybody would notice it