Want to learn C# and Windows (Phone) development?

The best inspiration for writing blog posts is absolutely the questions I receive from people via Facebook, Twitter, E-mail and more. For this particular post the question at hand was if I had any good resources for learning to code and develop applications in C#.

How one learn is different for each person. Someone needs to have hands-on tutoring, visual/audio-based material and of course reading. However; the only way to truly learn is by doing and practicing. If you are the one who needs hands-on tutoring then I might suggest you look up courses near you, as I can’t help you there. In this post I have tried to come up with some good video walkthroughs and reading material for each category, so continue reading to get to the good stuff.

How to debug Windows Store applications on Windows RT tablets

After receiving my Asus VivoTab RT tablet in the mail I’ve been enjoying it quite a bit these past days. Today, I wanted to try developing some small applications and running it on the tablet which proved to be a bit more difficult than on a Windows Phone. You can’t just plug it in the USB and click run, we have to set up Remote Debugging!