autsmuxer – It’s basically mkv2vob for Linux/OS X/BSD!

For all you people out there running Linux, OS X or BSD (basically Unix-based systems) there’s now a great tool for converting those (illegally) downloaded movies and series to a Playstation 3 friendly format! It allows far more than my pre-alpha ps3m2ts tool that I developed oh so long ago like selecting which formats you want to output to (ts/m2ts/bluray/avchd/demux), what A/V tracks to use and subtitle support.

Quote from the forumpost:

This is effectively MKV2VOB for UNiX based systems. (minus the GUI.)
It is entirely automated once called with desired options and switches, and will handle all known exceptions of MKV, including those with compressed headers or corrupt audio streams.

I suggest you try it out and tell me what you think of the tool as I currently am unable to test it myself.

Huge thanks goes to Michael for giving me this tip!

Download it here