A fresh start

Hello there!

If you’ve read my blog before you’ll notice that I’ve deleted some of my original posts but kept some important ones that I couldn’t just throw away. The reason for the deletion is that I just started at my bachelor degree in Gamedesign at NITH and I want to use this website as the portal for my work done during those days.

Don’t worry, there will be some posts like I’ve done in the past, but will be more technological for sure đŸ™‚ Over the course of the next days/weeks I will add some more pages to this blog, and I’ve already started with adding the page “Java”. That page will contain most of my Java code and projects that I end up doing that might or might not be of any interest.

Why do I want to do this? It might end up being a motivator at school as I will try to showcase my current skills and the new skills and knowledge I will gain attending NITH.

I think these next three years will be great!