Project of the Week #3 – Day 7

Welcome to the last day of Project of the Week for the third week in 2015. I started off great the first days, but due to other activities I haven’t been able to do anything the last couple of days. Since it’s already afternoon this will be quite interesting to see if I can:

  • Test the mobile service
  • Create a login page in the app
  • Display schedule for current day
  • Create the detail page for a session
  • Post comment
  • Attend/Not attend session

Let’s not give up before we’ve started, but this seems like a great amount of work to do in one day, but let’s just begin. Continue reading to see how it all fares.

Project of the Week #3 – Day 6

Unfortunately, what (usually) happens after going out the night before, the motivation for doing any work is reduced considerably, so day six has been a total still when it comes to the continued development of the app.

Project of the Week #3 – Day 4

It’s day 4, only three more days to go. Today we’re looking at the rest of the  API-endpoints: posting comments, creating a profile and setting participation status.

Before we begin I’ll just want to clarify the numbering scheme I’m using for the “Project of the Week” series. The #3 would in most instances indicate that we’re on “episode 3” or this is the third edition of something, but in this particular case the number signifies the weeknumber in 2015. Weird. In any case, lets continue the coding session where we left off!  (after the break)

Project of the Week #3 – Day 3

Welcome to day 3 of Project of the Week for the the third week of this year. Today there’s a little more tech to show off, as I’ve started on the back-end that will be powering the app. Just to recap, this week is about retrieving the schedule for a particular day for the Microsoft Build conference. Basically, see sessions per day, and then being able to nagivate to a detail page for that session where the user will be able to post a comment and see who’s attending. Yesterday I spoke about including a live chat as well for each session, and if there’s time I will implement it, but for now lets try to keep the scope down.

Keep on reading for the good stuff

Project of the Week #3 – Day 2

Hi guys, so day 2 has been disappointing. I fell asleep on the couch after dinner and haven’t been able to do any actual work with the project yet. I did however think a little about what might be available in the detail page when you tap a session in the schedule:

  • Comments/Chat — Here attendees can post comments (or chat) before, during and after a session
  • Live — this might be the chat portion, not sure. I originally thought it might display the actual broadcast, but I’m not sure if that’s going to work
  • Participating — see who’s participating in this session
  • Controls for rating a session, joining/leaving a session

With some ideas in mind I sketched this just now to illustrate it:


That’s all I have for today, stay tuned for tomorrow and thursday, when we’ll start coding something for real 🙂

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Project of the Week #3 – Day 1

Happy new years everybody! We are just at the starting line of 2015, and one of my goals this year is to be more productive. Productive in my own definition is the art of starting, working and finishing a project. The project itself can be anything from creating an app, conceptualizing a service, decorating a room etc. The idea I came up with is “Project of the Week”, where I decide on a project to do for a week starting on a Monday with deadline on Sunday evenings.

Due to the short deadline I’m hoping this will make me better at scoping projects, estimating and setting realistic goals. It’s very important that by the end of the week I have a finished product, or if it’s part of something bigger that I have a working version.

For this week I have decided to create an app called “Build Attendees” for Windows Phone.