Eurosport Player in Linux.. revisited!

Last post I mentioned how you could use a shell-script to play the Eurosport Player streams in VLC, well guess what? There’s a simpler way! My brother pointed me to which is a place you can get scripts for Greasemonkey, a Firefox extension. He found a script that was written by a Dominik Grafenhofer that finds the MMS url and replaces the non-existing embedded player object with a link you can click which will start your videoplayer. Can’t get any simpler than that (except maybe if Eurosport made their player Linux compatible).

His script was written to work with the French Eurosport website which has some different URLs than the UK & Scandinavian ones I believe so I made a quick fix to it and you can download and install it from my blog.

While drafting this post, the author himself actually commented on my previous post which I find awesome and it gives me the ability to contribute to the script, so here you go Dominik: You’ll find the URLs in the script. Script: Eurosport Player COM version

Before ending this post I just have to say, I watched the Blake vs Del Potro match earlier and I was amazed! These first rounds have really brought some exciting tennis, going to five sets with both Blake vs Del Potro and Richard Gasquet vs Mikhail Youzhny! I can’t wait to see what’s to come next.

Get ready for allnighters or early mornings! … May be some hacking involved

It has finally begun!  Well… Actually we’ve come to the second day of the years first Grand Slam tournament! What am I talking about? It’s the Australian Open of course and you be sure to follow it LIVE whenever you have the chance to.

For those of you that might not know what it is, Australian Open is one of the four really major tournaments in the wonderful sport of Tennis and all the biggest stars have gathered to face each other on the blue hard-court in the heating sun in Melbourne. I’m aware that this sounds more like a commercial than anything else but I’d like to give these tournaments the attention it needs. If you follow it from the start it really grows on you and you start paying more attention to it and when the Men’s Singles finale is finished you’ll think of it as a good two-week journey and can’t wait until the next Grand Slam begins.

Here in Norway we do get good coverage of the Grand Slams thanks to Eurosport and they really have done a good job in providing not only great TV channels like Eurosport, Eurosport 2 and the Eurosport HD but also doing the same thing online meaning you can buy your way into the world of Eurosport Player. This online streaming service actually gives you more for the buck than the TV channels do because not only do you get to view the regular Eurosport & Eurosport 2 with commentary but you also get to choose different courts to watch. If your favorite player ain’t getting air-time on the regular channels be sure to check out which court he or she plays on and you can watch it in an instant. I’ve used Eurosport Player for several years and they’ve really improved the service.

My main concern is that it doesn’t really support Linux out of the box, and I use Linux on my laptops and I do bring those around, especially at night when I want to watch some tennis in bed and I don’t have a TV in my room. So that’s something they could have improved, the overall compatibility so all users can enjoy the wonderful service. There’s probably plug-ins or something that can make this work easier but by viewing the page source after you’ve chosen which channel/court to view and selected the quality you can scroll down and find the Stream URL which you can just copy & paste into VLC and it will stream.

A screenshot of the Eurosport 1 streaming in VLC
A screenshot of the Eurosport 1 streaming in VLC