Framsia: Douglas Crockford

My good friend, Arild T. Wanvik and I attended a Framsia meetup this evening on what we thought was going to be a talk about JavaScript by the famous Douglas Crockford. We were mistaken about the topic, but instead we were presented with an exclusive preview of a new talk he’s been working on.

Installing Windows 7 Professional x64 on Acer Aspire 5943G: Thank you Linux!

After waiting a couple of weeks now and watching my lovely laptop deteriorate everytime I turned it off and on again I finally burned Windows 7 Professional x64 edition on to a DVD download legally from MSDNAA (Thank you school!). A short visit to showed me I didn’t have to download any drivers so I went ahead with the install. Everything seemed right! Or so I thought…

Minutes later a fresh Windows 7 desktop was staring at me, but something was off. There was no network connection, a low resolution and generally things were missing. A quick look in the device manager revealed that I was missing all of the drivers I was told were going to be in Windows 7 by default. I panicked a little bit, because how on God’s earth would I be able to get my system up and running in time for the evening? And why was Acer lying to me about the driver?

My first attempt was to use my Samsung Galaxy S phone to download the necessary LAN driver but with no luck. Turns out the browser won’t allow me to download files that aren’t supported/associated by Android and the Acer support site doesn’t work properly on the Android device. I realized later that I’m a Linux fanboy/enthusiast and that I always keep a couple of distros laying around. My savior? Linux Mint. Booting up the Live CD allowed me to browse the net and download the LAN driver for Windows. That’s what I love about Linux distributions, they’ve got almost every driver in place for use. Of course there’s some devices that aren’t supported or need to download restricted drivers but yeah.. My savior was Linux Mint.

Turns out that Acer wasn’t lying to me. I just didn’t see the drop-down box showing me what version of Windows 7 I wanted at first, so it defaults to one of the  32-bit Home versions. So if you’re going to reinstall your operating system on an Acer laptop, be sure to check that you have the necessary drivers or have a Live CD with a Linux distribution at hand.

Creating a bootable Windows 7 USB Drive

Since I bought my laptop (Acer Aspire 5943G) I haven’t reinstalled Windows or anything on it, but I should have because it came loaded with bloatware and what not. Whenever I’m going to format my harddrive and do a reinstall I always go to my brother’s blog for his excellent guide on how to create a bootable usb drive with Windows 7 so I can easily install it from USB 🙂

So head on over to for a quick and easy guide!


My second (serious) day at school is over and what a joy it’s been so far! Yesterday we had TK110; a subject covering how computers work, the history, binary/hex etc, you get the picture 🙂 Anyways, it was real fun and the tests/assignments was also enjoyable. It’s been way way too long ago since I had anything IT related school work to do.

Today we had Java class. Even though I had to get up at 6 AM to get on school on time it was a interesting lecture and I’m looking forward to the next ones and the assignments we’ll get 🙂 Programming is a subject that has always intrigued me and I’ve been involved in smallish coding sessions since I was a young kid with PHP, Visual Basic, VB.NET and to this day I use C# and WPF often.

I’ll include this little YouTube video for you to watch, it’s a music video for JavaZone 2010 (8-9th September). It’s a “parody” of Lady Gaga – Poker Face. Now it’s Lady Java with JavaZone, enjoy!

A fresh start

Hello there!

If you’ve read my blog before you’ll notice that I’ve deleted some of my original posts but kept some important ones that I couldn’t just throw away. The reason for the deletion is that I just started at my bachelor degree in Gamedesign at NITH and I want to use this website as the portal for my work done during those days.

Don’t worry, there will be some posts like I’ve done in the past, but will be more technological for sure 🙂 Over the course of the next days/weeks I will add some more pages to this blog, and I’ve already started with adding the page “Java”. That page will contain most of my Java code and projects that I end up doing that might or might not be of any interest.

Why do I want to do this? It might end up being a motivator at school as I will try to showcase my current skills and the new skills and knowledge I will gain attending NITH.

I think these next three years will be great!