Xamarin iOS: Build host too old?

Hey guys,

I just wanted to post a quick tip a way to resolve the error “The build host is too old for this version of Xamarin.iOS extension” in Visual Studio. This seems to occur if you recently set up a proxy of some sorts or have installed a tool like Fiddler.

I had just installed Fiddler to capture HTTP packets for monitoring my requests and responses when communicating with a back-end. Turns out Fiddler had enabled a proxy of a sort that disrupts the Xamarin Build host connection into thinking that the build host is too old.

Opening up Fiddler and turning off all the Proxy-settings I could find, the connection was fixed and I could build again. Happy days.


Using your video footage from Lumia 930 running DP in Adobe Premiere

In the last couple of weeks I have spent many hours filming and editing footage that I have taken with my Nokia Lumia 930 and Lumia 1020. One problem I have encountered with the Lumia 930 is that Adobe Premiere CC won’t import the footage. “This file has no audio or video streams” will popup in the moment you try to import or use any of the videos. Up until recently I had to use the Video Tuner app to export the videos again just so it could be in a format that Adobe Premiere would accept. As I found out the hard way, there really is no good free video converter tool out there that could handle the 930s videos.


A couple of days ago I tried again with some new footage and then I thought; “What the heck, I’ll just rename the extension to m2ts and see if it works”. To my surprise it actually did work. When I changed the filename from .mp4 to .m2ts it worked like a charm. Adobe Premiere imported it without no hassle.

I have yet to discover why this is ‘nor have I spent time researching it either.

So if you’re in the same spot as I was in, then try renaming the file to .m2ts and see if it works. I have to point out that my Lumia 930 is running the Cyan firmware and is also Developer Preview enabled running the latest Update 1. It might be some issues with that. I don’t know.

Got any tips or clues? Post them below!

Xamarin iOS: Could not instantiate class named MKMapView

This might not occur that often in your projects but if you find yourself dropping a MapView on your storyboard and then just running the app you will most certainly will experience a crash. Why?

  1. Make sure you have enabled Map services in your Info.plist file
  2. Make sure you give your MapView a name (that automagically creates an outlet)

If you don’t give your MapView a name then the Xamarin/Mono linker will not link in the MapKit framework due to it not being used in code.