Lumia 930 – Purple Tint (Updated!)

I received my Nokia Lumia 930 yesterday, and I spent most of my evening fiddling around with it and I have to say that it’s a gorgeous device. It feels really great in the hand, the screen is amazing and the build quality is astonishing. Some people and I who have received our unit already have noticed that when the brightness levels changes automatically or set to low, the gray colors you find in popups, the keyboard and elsewhere in the OS turns into a more dark purple color than gray. The screenshot below shows how the 930 renders the app-bar (on the left) and how it should look (on the right). I apologize for the norwegian text in the image.




The 930 does not seem to have a problem with this on high and medium brightness settings; although you do see a hint of the purple at the medium setting:




To see how this works the following video shows how the device adjusts the color automatically when starting the device:


It’s interesting, and it seems to be somewhat a common occurence with (AM)OLED screens, and in many cases this can be fixed with a software update. I have spoken to Nokia Care about the issue and asked other 930 owners to do to same, and I’m glad to see that Nokia is looking into it. In the meantime, if you experience some purple in your gray, then you can adjust your color profile accordingly to counteract the purple (Settings – Display). Adjust the Tint setting towards the green (or all the way if you need to) until you’re (somewhat) happy.




This setting seems to bring back the gray and removes a lot of the purple tint at the lowest brightness setting. Hopefully a patch can be released that adjusts this automatically and more precisely for us.

With that said I’m still amazed at the 930 as a product, and if you’re in for buying a new phone I can truly recommend the 930.

UPDATE 12th July 2014

I have seen reports from many of our users in the Windows Phone enthusiast group here in Norway that including the purple tint there seems to be places in the screen where the purple is more vivid. When adjusting my tint setting all the way to green I did notice that the lower part of my screen displayed a lot more purple than the upper part. For some this is reverse, or that the purple is more noticeable on the left/right side of the screen. This is not looking good.

Hahmed Estakhri from Microsoft Device Sales (a member of the group also) has been following the situation closely and has been in direct contact with Microsoft Care since the first reports started showing, and it does seem they take this screen defect quite seriously:

“Microsoft Devices is taking quality issues on our products very seriously.
To address the possible concerns with Lumia 930 display, we have recalled some test samples from the Norwegian market to be investigated further in our R/D site in Finland.

Thanks for the understanding.

Microsoft Care”

Also, read up on why this might be a hardware issue instead of a software issue in my newer post Lumia 930 – The “easy fix” for purple displays