Operation on file “*.vmdk” failed..

I have been struggling at work with VMWare for the last week to the point where I wanted to pull my hair out. I got the error “Operation on file ‘something.vmdk’ failed” and the rest of the message indicated that there perhaps was a problem with IO, my harddrive or something. So I ran chkdsk to make sure that my partitions were OK and all and turns out they were. What a bummer. Searching the internet for the phrase “Operation on file .vmdk failed” didn’t exactly turn out the way I wanted.

Scavaging through the logfiles I gained more knowledge about the problem, or at least some new error codes I could look up. “Failed to write: Unknown error 1453 (0x5ad) (1453)”. After a while of googling I finally found what I think is the solution to the problem. I’ve allocated too much memory for my VM!! A forum member over at the VMWare Community called magi had this to say:

“(Windows has a couple error messages like this, which unfortunately sound like they’re talking about disk space but actually refer to physical memory used to buffer disk transfers. )”. After reducing the amount of memory for my virtual machine it behaves smoothly (for now at least). Too bad I didn’t figure this out earlier as I’ve deleted some VMs that I thought had corrupt files.

The thread with the helpful post can be found here